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Brian D. Evans Bio - About Me

  • Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. Brian’s online advertising, marketing, and consulting agency made the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, ranking Top 25 Advertising and Marketing Companies in America.

  • Brian has recently been cast in “The Next Crypto Gem” TV Series as one of the three judges in an American Idol meets Shark Tank-style crypto show. The show is being produced in collaboration with bspoketv, Hourglass and NEFT Vodka.

  • Founder of BDE Ventures which now invests in early-stage Web3 projects and provides marketing advisory.

  • Founded ReBlock Ventures, a leading venture studio entirely focused on advising and launching Web 3, blockchain, crypto, and NFTs products.

  • Founding Member of Affinity.xyz, an exclusive web3 mastermind group.

  • A lifelong entrepreneur who founded, advised, and consulted multiple companies in various industries & verticals such as eCommerce, digital marketing, digital publishing, NFTs, blockchain, AI, advertising, video game, and mobile app marketing, and more.

  • Published writer on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, Inc. Magazine, Influencive, etc. Content has been read over 32 million times.

  • Brian has a knack for solving important entrepreneurial problems for companies through innovative strategy, disruptive business models, creative user acquisition, product design, a world-class network, and a lifetime of digital marketing experience. Brian holds a Swiss MBA.

  • Brian has a passion for all things Web3, Crypto, NFTs, Video Games, and Blockchain and is an avid early-stage / angel investor in many projects, companies, and platforms.

  • Inc. Magazine called him one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine named him an "inspiring influencer to follow.”

  • Awario named Brian among the top 3 digital marketing influencers in the world in 2019.

  • He has over 1 million followers and reaches millions through his personal brand and platforms.

  • Strategically found over $50 million in funding for blockchain and web3 projects.

  • Founded Influencive, a digital publication that reaches 10s of millions of people, one of the first publications to feature young upcoming entrepreneurs and influencers, even pre-dating the “influencer” movement becoming mainstream.

  • Brian speaks on stages and panels to global audiences about web3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and video games.




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Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Prolific Early-stage Web3 Investor Shares His Secrets. My content on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, and Influencive has been read over 32 million times... but I've save the best content for my substack subscribers!


Brian D. Evans

Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. Founder. Early-stage Web3/Crypto/Blockchain Investor.